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An online community for Ford Raptor owners, all generations, who love to off-road, upgrade and build the hell out of their trucks.

Next Event: RJ-STAR Beach Invasion

June 19th, 2020








Raptor Junkies Group Rules

  1. Be Kind and Courteous
    We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. Every truck Gen1 or Gen2 is amazing on its own.
  2. Exclusive Raptor Owner’s Club
    In order to part of our exclusive Raptor Group, you must own a Raptor (any generation) and it cannot be a modified F-150. We must be able to verify ownership of your Raptor.

Upcoming Events

RJ-STAR Beach Invasion, S. TX  – June 19

S.W. Ruiodoso Dash – Aug 14-15

S.W. Rowdy Run 2.0 – Oct 16

Barstow to Vegas (B2V 200), CA Oct 17



About Raptor Junkies

Raptor Junkies started as an exclusive virtual space for Ford Raptor Owners to engage in healthy and meaningful social discussions. Over the past few months the community grew worldwide and have expanded from the virtual space to on the trails and social events. We are a very exclusive family formed of enthusiasts who love and appreciate what the Ford Raptor has to offer. We put our trucks to use every chance we get!

Come join us and look for events in your area. One of our Chapter presidents will help you find a local community to join.

Our members are spread out all over the world and not just the US. We are a growing community and continue to grow daily. Check out the map to find Junkies in your area.

Club Activities


Raptor Junkies are all about the relationships. You and your truck, your truck and the terrain, you and your community. Our goal to build and maintain those relationships will be further developed on our runs. To help ensure a safe outing RJ runs will be pre-run and led by those familiar with the territory.

Driver School

Expand your comfort and gain confidence. With a range of experts associated with Raptor Junkies, we are pleased to bring personalized education and familiarization opportunities to our members. Under the guidance of experts, safely learn some of the unique capabilities of your truck.

Concierge Service

Regardless of what end of the experience spectrum you and your truck fall, we are here to help. Our team and fellow members will have the answers for your questions and help you gain the knowledge, confidence and experience to fully enjoy your truck.

Social Events

There is inspiration to be found when spending time with like-minded people. Members can network, look at other truck set-ups and find inspiration during the many meetups and social events to come. Members are encouraged to network and mingle.

Our Partners

Want to Join The Club?

If you are already part of the Raptor Junkies Facebook group, just create a profile on our new site and you are set! You can even register with Facebook. An admin will verify your account and get you approved.

If you are new member, you are welcome to join us here and on Facebook. A link to the group is posted below. Create your profile, add a picture of your Raptor and fill in your information. An admin will verify and approve your account. Please select the level of membership you wish to have as well.

We look forward to having you as a Junky!

Facebook Group: https://www.fb.com/groups/RaptorJunkies

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General Information:
Email us: info@raptorjunkies.com